YOGA, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, Aerobics and more...



Closely modeled on ASHTANGA method, Power Yoga is a vigorous fitness-based approach to YOGA. It includes all aspects of physical fitness- toning, stamina, cardio, and flexibility.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Promotes weight loss and metabolism
  • Increases blood flow, builds concentration and memory
  • Improves bone density, lung function, and capacity


Pilates workout classes are low-impact exercises that use body resistance and Pilates reformer equipment. It includes all aspects of fitness- muscle toning, cardio, and flexibility.

Benefits of Pilates workout

  • Improves your body flexibility and posture
  • Builds stronger core muscles
  • Enhances your cardiovascular system



Brisk exercise that promotes the circulation of Oxygen in the body. Other than the effective and FUN way of losing weight, it also strengthens Lungs and Heart muscles.

Benefits of Aerobics

  • Improving Blood circulation efficiency and reducing blood pressure
  • Reducing the risk of Diabetes
  • Improve Mental health, reduce stress and increase cognitive capacity


An insanely good exercise, created by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez during 1990’s. Zumba is more known as FITNESS PARTY than a workout. The high energy classes of Zumba are one of the most popular group exercises in the world. Combining a high and low intensity work out, it gets your heart rate up and boosts Cardio endurance.

Benefits of Zumba

  • Weight loss and fat burning through full body work out
  • Tones your muscles and boost your heart health
  • Helps you destress and makes you happy



Founded by Greg Glassman in California in 2000, these are movements which reflect gymnastics, weight lifting and running. It’s a strength and conditioning workout that uses your own body weight for resistance to build power.

Benefits of Functional Training

  • Helps in losing weight and muscle building
  • Increase physical performance
  • Enhance agility, balance co-ordination, power and speed

Gym & Cardio

Our gym is equipped with the world class machines and equipment’s for the workout of our clients. With the help of specialized and certified trainers, we are offering Gym/ Muscle building through gym section, strength building through Cross fit machine and Cardio section(tread mils, cross trainers). The instructors are very knowledgeable about body anatomy/ weight training/ client management. Personal training is one of the key aspect of our Gym workout. Individual/personal client handling is the key area where we specialize.