Leading Fitness Academy for Pilates Workout Training

Sweat out for a healthy and productive lifestyle. Team up with our Pilates workout academy to strengthen your overall health.


Pilates Training Program

Good to Great Sports is the best Pilates workout studio in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur which has certified trainers and world-class facilities. We motivate and help people from all walks of life in improving the strength and fitness level in order to transform their overall health. Our certified instructors guide you throughout the Pilates session and we have nutrition consultants to suggest you for a healthy diet to follow.

The Pilates classes are low-impact exercises that use your bodyweight resistance and equipment. These type of workouts are practiced with a controlled breath.

Our Pilates studio has a set of Pilates reformer equipment where range of reformer exercises are included for beginners and advanced practitioners. These Pilates reformer exercises improve your overall strength, posture, coordination and balance to lead a healthy and graceful lifestyle.

You will get a great community for doing the workout in a fun away. Our Pilates workout classes in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur has numerous Pilates exercises which impact each and every muscle groups.


Get a healthy cardiovascular system

Our moderate to high-intensity Pilates workout session strengthens your heart muscle and assists your heart to pump blood efficiently throughout the body parts. This Pilates fitness class keeps your arteries clear by raising “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lowering “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels in the blood.

Maintain body weight

With our Pilates classes, tone up your muscles by burning an excess calorie. This group fitness program helps you to lose body fat in a fun way.

Maintain your blood pressure

Our energetic Pilates exercises increase your blood circulation throughout the body. This program maintains your blood pressure.

Increase your immunity power

Our fitness classes incorporate high-intensity Pilates exercises which enhances certain antibodies in the blood called immunoglobulins. This leads to an increase in the immune system.

Say goodbye to Insomnia

If you’re having chronic sleeping problems at night, say goodbye to your insomnia. Our Pilates cardio exercises would make you sleep well. This group activity improves your sleep quality & duration and makes you agile at your workspace in order to make you more productive.

Strengthen your larger muscle group

Our diverse set of Pilates exercises target larger muscle groups including biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, abs and back and build up stronger muscle fibers. You get more define body with our rigorous training schedule.

Build up your stamina

Our Pilates exercise class not only works on strength building but also adds some explosive movements to enhance stamina and endurance power. Your body gets used to with same workout sets. That’s why our Pilates instructors do not follow same routine workout again and again, instead train you with hybrid exercises.


  • Certified Pilates Instructor – Our academy has experienced and certified Pilates instructors who are great motivator and carry excellent communication skills. We would program your body and mind with our unparalleled and effective Pilates training.
  • Get diverse Pilates sessions – We have incorporated multiple Pilates exercises with a fixed session in our Pilates reformer workout classes. This especially helps you to strengthen your larger muscle groups & tone up every muscle, build up endurance power and a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Multiple Pilates equipments – We mix fun and entertainment with our Zumba exercise by performing on party like music. You will never get bored with our unparalleled Zumba program. Our Zumba instructors interact with everyone in a friendly way.
  • Get an exhilarating ambience – We provide you with the exhilarating and exciting environment with branded equipment all around. Motivational posters on walls to remind you of your fitness goal whenever you get a bit low and Latin and international music rhythm to make you energetic throughout the session.


  • Pilates workout clothing – Do not go for plastic or rubberized clothing. Instead, go for cotton T-shirts or sweatshirts along with Track pants which are appropriate apparel for Pilates exercises. Avoid skin-tight clothing otherwise, you would not get adequate provision for free flow of air and likely to get restricted in your body movements as well.  So, wear proper clothing and enhance your Pilates workout performance.
  • Pilates exercise socks Pilates exercises are generally done barefoot or you can wear a pair of socks. So before coming for our Pilates exercise training center, proper grippy socks are very important during the practice of the Pilates exercise. So, bring a pair of quality socks which are anti-skid and comfortable to wear.
  • Pilates exercise mat – Pilates exercises are practiced on a mat. So, don’t forget to carry your Pilates mat which should be thick enough to provide you cushioning.
  • Bring a workout towel – Step into our Pilates fitness center with a quality cotton polyester blend workout towel to wipe out your sweat.
  • Drinking water bottle – Hydration is paramount to stay active during the entire Pilates session. Bring stainless steel water bottles which are leaked proof, handy and fits perfectly into your vehicle. Improve your performance by staying hydrated during our Pilates workout classes.
  • Headbands – Do not forget to get a quality headband (especially for ladies) which is easy to wear, comfortable and durable in order to keep your sweat hair out of your face.